:: Towards Global Digital Participation
in four steps - the stairway for #digipart

  • Off the Line - "Is there an Internet?"
  • Access the Web - "I want to get it!"
  • Get the Know - "Now I got it!"
  • In the Flow - "Being and Living It"

:: Read more in a four-part article series for a deeper background and details, and proposed Action Plan in the fourth -

Next up:
When Time is Mature and the Time is Right - "Manifesto for Global Digital Participation - Get All Online, Get All To Get It"

Participate :) ... this initiative is "dormant" - but the Community in itself caring about / curating what comes from the community related to this topic is in the millions. 

What do we want to do?

- Follow the livestream and conversation through http://live.twingly.com/digipart

- Sign up via the form at the Community and Resource Building Blogpost to get notified on the development and if you want to contribute with information and action helping out!

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